Hurtta Extreme Warmer Dog Jacket Review

dog jacket review

Wallace came to us from Corpus Christi, Texas. An adorable Hurricane Harvey rescue with short ears and a permanent tuxedo stripe down his chest. It didn’t take long to learn that this dog does not tolerate cold weather, under any circumstances. Wally needs a dog jacket. He just doesn’t have the luxurious coat to keep him warm! This dog jacket review is for our favorite (and we’ve tried a few), the Hurtta Extreme Warmer dog coat.

Some dogs benefit from a dog jacket. That’s OK! We want our Best Friends happy and comfortable in cold weather.

Is My Dog Cold? Telltale Signs

In a recent social post, I had several people ask me how I even knew my dog was cold. It’s one of those things; once you see the signs, you’ll know. Here are some signs your dog is uncomfortable with cold weather:

  • Your dog has a thin coat; she may have bare spots on her belly and the backs of her legs.
  • She does not want to stay out for long periods of time in cooler weather.
  • She seeks out warm or sunny spots in the house.
  • Your dog might shiver and shake when out on longer walks in colder weather.
  • She might like to sleep curled into a donut shape, conserving heat.
  • Your dog might lift her paws or whine when walking longer distances on cold surfaces (I’ve had to carry all 50 pounds of Wally more than once when this happened)

Your Dog May Need A Jacket

If your dog does any of these things, it may be time to invest in a good dog jacket. Our first reaction was that it was a lot of money for a dog, but that quickly changed when we realized that the dog needs to get outside; for exercise, enrichment, to use the bathroom!

We also realized that this one investment would very likely be the jacket he’d happily wear for his whole life! When you think of it that way, it’s not such a hard pill to swallow. If you think your dog needs a jacket, you’re probably right and should just get him the damn coat.

Dog Jacket Review: Hurtta Extreme Warmer

Wally has a couple of dog jackets. The Hurtta is our favorite for several reasons.

  • It’s lined with thermo-reflecting foil. You know, that stuff that reflects body heat back from the coat. That stuff. I do believe it makes a big difference.
  • This coat is also easy on and easy off. There’s a panel that the belt is connected to, which goes between the front legs and buckles around the stomach. Easy peasy to get on. NO fussy sleeves to wrestle your dog’s legs through, thus starting a game of keepaway every time you have to gear up for a walk. Also, there is an easy flap with 2 large holes that allow a harness loop to come out so you can attach a leash.
  • This dog jacket has stomach coverage. That’s the first place to get cold, and the one with the least amount of hair. Anytime a dog jacket covers this vital area, and it’s easy to get on, it’s a win for us.
  • Lots of people worry about the dog peeing or pooping on the jacket. It’s designed so there’s ample pee space, even for a male dog who pees on everything. There’s also a snap closure around the tail with one low snap button on the bottom. You can keep it closed (but loose with a large hole) around the tail, or just leave it open. We leave Wally’s open.
  • Finally, the jacket is lightly insulated, with light reflective detaila and a windstopper outer layer. It keeps our sensitive fella cozy, which makes all the difference and gets outside for vital winter exercise.

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Our Only Gripe

The only complaint I have about this jacket is that it doesn’t have pockets. The only reason this is a problem for us is that we’ve experienced the dreaded bathroom break with no poop bags! How embarassing (it required a quick walk home for a bag, and a run to pick it up! I am a responsible dog owner).

Wally has a lighter jacket with 2 pockets, and I always keep poop bags in those pockets. When we switch out to the Hurtta, I sometimes forget to grab a poop bag because I’m used to having one. So, if Hurtta could improve one thing on this already awesome dog jacket, that’s it.


The Hurtta is not cheap. I had a hard time justifying the nearly $100 price tag-at first. When I realized that this dog jacket would likely make Wally’s life so much happier, it was easier to swallow. Couple that with the fact that it’s probably the only jacket he’ll need, then it was a no brainer.

Also, a bit of good luck that came with our purchase; I bought the jacket from Chewy and the original was too big. As you know, Chewy has a generous return policy. They let me keep the original to donate and sent me a new one of the proper size!

I felt so good bringing that luxurious, top-quality dog jacket to my local senior dog rescue, Silver Muzzle Cottage. Hopefully a lucky senior (or a few) got to bask in its luxury too.

Other Dog Products

Hurtta makes other rugged, easy to use outdoor gear for your Best Friend. This includes burly snowsuits, leashes, harnesses and collars, along with hiking and training gear. They even make functional cat clothing!

The Hurtta is a purchase we’re very happy with. Especially Wallace. He suffers in the cold of Northern Michigan, but like any dog, enjoys getting outside for hikes, sniffs, playtime and walks. This dog jacket makes the winters tolerable for Wally.

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