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In 2017, my heart dog, Franklin collapsed at 8 years old and outwardly in perfect health. He had an aggressive cancer called Hemangiosarcoma and a 2-6 week life expectancy. I began furiously researching and learned that the otherwise “healthy”, high-grade kibble I was feeding him was trash. I believe his diet, along with skin allergies that we treated with pharmaceuticals were part of a perfect storm that allowed the cancer to develop in the first place.

I began making Franklin’s food. Within days, allergies that had been plaguing poor Franklin all his life disappeared and his coat shone like silk. Sadly, the cancer was too aggressive and I could not save my Franklin. We did get 8 wonderful weeks, and I did come out of the ordeal with healthy, wholesome, balanced recipes that will support your dog’s immune system and give him/her a happy, healthy life. I also came out of this eager to learn and impart my knowledge and expertise on other dog lovers so NO ONE has to go through what I went through with Franklin. 

Before becoming passionate about dog food, I was (still am!) a teacher, so I LOVE to research, learn, create, and share! I hold a MI feed license, a pet nutrition specialist certification, and also specialize in homemade, human-grade treats and supplements for your own homemade dog diet! Shipping within MI and other states by request (pending licensing as the business grows)! Contact me to set up a plan for your best friend!

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