10 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best

Dogs are the Best

You already know this, our dogs are the best! Maybe it’s the unconditional love, their humor, their unwavering devotion and utter lack of judgement. Really, we could go on and on about how amazing our canine Best Friends are. Here are our top 10 reasons why dogs are the best!

10 Reasons Why Dogs are the Best

This is Tubby. Tubby just turned 12. He’s not my dog, but he’s pretty much the best.

1. Unconditional Love

Of course, everyone says this, but until you’ve received the unconditional love of a dog it’s hard to really know. Have you ever owned a dog who just has to know where you are, what you’re up to? That’s a velcro dog. Velcro dogs are the sh*t (Ok, at least the ones I’ve loved).

I’m not talking about nervous, separation anxiety, tear apart the house when you’re not home canines. (Of course we love those dogs too). A velcro dog likes close, comfortable proximity to his owner. They’re a calm, yet inquisitive presence. That presence says, “I love you so, human”.

Maybe dogs are the best because they love us more than they love themselves. Honestly, we could take a cue from our dogs and behave like them towards our loved ones once in awhile.

Even when you get angry with your dog, you’re usually quick to forgive. Who could stay mad at such innocent, loving creatures? Especially since they probably don’t know what you’re mad about in the first place. Remember this, you are your dog’s world. Care for them as such.

2. They Encourage Physical Fitness

Every Saturday, for years, our social running group has gone to the dogs. They enjoy it and so do we.

Can you see those pleading, chocolate-brown eyes? The ones begging you to take your Best Friend exploring? For a walk? Your dog needs exercise. Period. When you signed on to dog ownership, you signed up for walks, exploration and off-couch enrichment.

Personally, I believe that exercise is some of the best medicine for anxiety, depression, and overall health for us. All of this is true for our Best Friends too! Walking your dog improves cardiovascular health, strengthens your musculoskeletal system, builds up your immune system, and helps lower stress levels. Dogs are the best because often they help whip us into shape!

While it is sometimes a chore, walking the dog is a wonderful opportunity to slow your roll and set aside some of the stressors of the day. When I started slowing down those fast-paced dog walks and just being with my dogs, I began to appreciate and understand them more.

They do need to sniff. They do need to explore. They do need to pee on everything. Sometimes, that’s what it takes. After a good decompression walk, the dogs feel better. I feel better. It’s a win, win! If you don’t walk your dog on a regular basis, start. For the sake of both of you.

3. Hello, Joker and Household Clown

While I am a rabid fan of funny internet cat videos, our dogs keep the live humor coming day after day. I’m certain your dog has quirky behaviors she uses to get your attention. Breakfast time? How about a clicky-claw dance on the wood floor next to your bed?

Your dog wants to tell you she loves you. How about a slimy, drooly nose to the crotch or butt? Of course, my personal style is accompanied by hair and drool marks on my pantlegs. Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday just too much? Here’s the dog, sacked out on the sofa owning it, in a way we wish we all could.

We once had a dog who pulled the whole Thanksgiving turkey off the counter and onto the floor. Then, she was so guilty over her action, she didn’t touch any of it. While not terribly funny at the time (or maybe it was), I crack up whenver I see that image in my mind.

Dogs have the cleverest, goofiest ways of worming their way into our hearts and making us laugh every day. Dogs are the best because of their effortless humor! How does your dog make you laugh?

4. Our Dogs Keep Us Present

Buddy only cares about one thing. Who’s gonna throw the damn ball?

We could all use more presence in our lives. I just finished reading The Power of Now. While it didn’t blow my mind, the message was clear: We are all so busy, so consumed with focusing on the past and the future, that we often overlook the very vital importance of NOW.

Our dogs are on to this. All they have is now. All they care about is now. I’m pretty sure my dogs aren’t spending any time fretting over something they did yesterday or wondering about what they’re doing tomorrow. Yet another reason why dogs are the best is because they milk every last ounce out of NOW.

When I pause and enjoy my dogs’ company, or let them have time to luxuriate in sniffing and peeing on everything on walks, it feels like just a taste of mindfulness. I swear, presence with my dogs has the power to change my energy and mindset for the day. Dogs are the best because they appreciate now. We all should.

5. They’re Cute as Heck

This one needs no explanation. Even dogs who’ve achieved “Ugliest Dog” status are heartstoppingly cute. Everyone thinks that their dog is the cutest, and we all have the camera rolls to prove it. You know what, they’re right! Dogs are the best because they’re cute, special, and oh-so different from one another!

6. So Many Proven Health Benefits From Dog Ownership

Scientific studies have proven what dog owners already know. Our dogs are good for our health. From improving physical health, to supporting our mental health, dogs are the best!

Here are a few ways science has proven that dogs improve our health:

7. Are they Ever in a Bad Mood?

Dogs are the best
This guy’s friends with everyone, and ALWAYS ready to go!

Unless they’re being teased, tormented, or living in a stressful situation, our dogs are happy. They’re happy to see us, grateful for a few kind words, overjoyed with tasty food, and in blissed-out-dog-heaven with some gentle and kind attention. Dogs are the ultimate force of gratefulness in the universe.

Of course, your heart has probably melted over a dog rescue video or a successful before and after story of a dog who was saved from a dire situation. I don’t know a great deal about canine psychology, but I’d have to say our dogs really appreciate the small things. Additionally, those dogs who’ve overcome rough situations often go on to lead happy, blissful, appreciative lives. We humans could certainly take a cue from our canine Best Friends.

8. Dogs Break Down Our Barriers and Make Us Friendlier

Personally, I’m a relatively introverted person. Put me in a room full of people, and I find it pretty mentally taxing. It’s not that I don’t like other people, it can just be tough to maintain a conversation with a stranger.

However, when I’m out slinging treats at the local farmer’s market, get me to shut up and leave you alone about your dog. Yes, I’ll get photos of most of the dogs I meet. Yes, I’ll probably ask you a million questions about your dog. If I’m lucky, we’ll have a conversation about food.

I often find myself smiling and waving at people at stoplights when my dogs are with me in the car just because they’re so approachable.

Most of the time, many of us build up walls to go out in the world. Those walls tend to come down when there’s a dog to talk about or get to know. From my experience, one thing people LOVE to talk about is their dogs!

9. They Fight Loneliness

Yet another reason why dogs are the best is they fight off lonliness. Many senior citizens or people living in isolated situations benefit from the company of a dog. In many of the instances mentioned already in this post, dogs can help people be more social, active, and present in our own lives.

Just having a dog to care for; feed, exercise, and provide mental stimulation is purposeful. Humans are wired to care for other living things (whether we feel that we’re nurturing or not), and having a dog helps to fulfil that purpose.

Having a dog in the home can make someone who lives alone feel protected, safe, and needed. For many of us who are more social, our dogs were our lifeline when quarantining during the pandemic because we had someone to keep us company. I don’t know about you, but I totally talk to my dogs. They’re pretty good listeners.

10. They’re Our Best Friends

And finally, dogs are the best because they’re our Best Friends. Your dog loves you more than he loves himself, he’s always happy to see you, and ready to rock and roll at the drop of a hat. He’s by your side, your loyal protector, and number one cheerleader until the last beat of his heart. Your dog loves you more than anything on this planet. He’s worthy and deserving of equal devotion from you.

Dogs are the best. Period.

We’re so lucky to have our dogs.

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