10 Ways to Make Your Dog Stoked!

make your dog stoked

We all know it doesn’t take too much to make our dogs STOKED. Of course, they’re such fine companions, they deserve to be stoked every day! Following are my top 10 ways to make your dog stoked!

  1. Take a walk! Sounds simple, right? SO many dogs are full-scale couch potatoes and owners think, he can run and play in the fenced-in-yard, why do I need to take him for a walk? I don’t know about you, but my previous 2 dogs used the fenced in yard for the bathroom and rarely enjoyed playing back there unless we were with them. WALK YOUR DOG!! Walking your dog gets YOU out and moving and gets you socializing with other people who have dogs (who doesn’t like to talk about their dog, right?). Most importantly, this is how your dog gets his/her stories. You know how you like to scroll through your social media feeds when you have a spare moment? Your dog learns so many new stories from sniffing! Walk your dog, let him sniff his little heart out! Better yet, take your dog on a new route or an off-leash hike (safely, where it’s allowed, of course. You know your dog best, if he/she doesn’t come when called, please use a leash.
Stoked boys on a hike

2. Play a game! You know how your dog comes and stares at you with those chocolatey-brown eyes, nuzzles your phone out of your hand when you just want to chill for a few? She just wants some attention, a bit of your time. Play fetch, hide and seek, (fun for the kids to play!) tug of war, or just roll around on the floor. Most dogs spend a lot of time alone during the day and are overjoyed to see you. You’re their whole world!

3. Bake some treats! Find a treat recipe and bake for your beloved pooch. Plus, when you bake your dog’s treats, you know exactly what goes in them, and you can make them as healthy as you want! Fun! Here are some simple ones with only a few ingredients. 25 Simple Dog Treat Recipes: Made With 5 Ingredients or Less

Stoked boy waiting for biscuits

4. Let them sleep on the bed! Maybe not all the time, but once in a while. Sure, your dog probably has his own bed, but he just loves being with you! Besides, who doesn’t just adore waking up with a warm pooch bugging you for breakfast?

stoked boy on the bed

5. Make your dog a puppacino! Simple; pour some milk in a jar, heat in the microwave for 30 seconds (test to see it’s not too hot), then screw the lid onto the jar and shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. Better yet, if you have one of those stick-type milk frothers, use that to whip up the milk. Be sure to snap some pics of your pooch with their adorable milk moustache!

6. Feed them some tasty organ meats! Yes, organ meats! Organ meats are nutrient powerhouses! Lightly cook up some beef or chicken livers, or chicken gizzards (add up to ¼ cup of lightly cooked organ meat as a meal topper). *Most grocery stores carry all 3 of the previous.

7. Walk on the beach! Even if your dog is not the biggest water fan, she will love a romp on the beach! Think of all the new smells, stories, and exciting sights and sounds your dog will experience… You’ll definitely want to take lots of pictures of your pooch at the beach!

Stoked boy, and inspo for Best Friends’ Kitchen at his favorite beach.

8. Load some greens in your dog’s dish! Sure, lots of dog owners claim that their dogs won’t eat greens. I can’t guarantee this, but if you grind up some broccoli or green beans in the food processor or blender and lightly cook them with those organ meats to smother them with liver and a blast of health-boosting nutrients, your dog will gobble those greens down like she’s a wolf at the super-buffet! Broccoli, green beans, and brussels sprouts are all super-green add-ins that are beneficial for your dog.

9. Another meal topper; Sardines! Buy a can of sardines in water (not oil), crack that sucker open, and your dog will come running! Sardines are packed with health-boosting, inflammation busting omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Just put one on top of your dog’s supper and she will be in hog (I meant dog) heaven! *Sardines are also a fine protein choice because they don’t live long enough or get big enough to accumulate harmful heavy metals like mercury in their tissues.

10. Talk to your dog! You probably already do, but did you know that your dog understands when you tell him/her, “You’re such a good boy” or “You’re such a good girl”. In a recent study conducted by Canine Cottages, dogs’ heart rates actually increased by 46% when owners told them, “I love you”. Your dog may not be able to answer back, but they DO understand!

7 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Your Dog Stoked!”

  1. Good, basic ideas! I know that my dog is another that wants interaction outside, if I’m not playing with him he’ll just do his business and go back inside. He also loves fresh beans! To make them last longer I put them in the freezer, and he thinks he’s getting a special treat when I pull one out. I also get marrow bone slices when I can find them, and once he is done with the marrow, I’ll fill the bone with peanutbutter or pumpkin puree and freeze it!

  2. My senior dogs still love going for long walks and it is more a sniffari. It’s great seeing them enjoy themselves even though they can’t run around like they used to 🙂 Hiding the greens in their food totally works! Thanks for the other tips 🙂

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